Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Inspiration: Valentines Day

Its only a week today until Valentines day! Have you bought or (even better) hand crafted someone special a little gift? If not, here a few little ideas :)

Little hand crafted hearts containing sweets - Colorfulcreativeideas.com

Leave someone a cute little message in an unusual place - we<3it

Punch out hearts from free paint colour samples to make a sweet book mark - Tutorials over at One Fantastic Housewife

For the long time you will wear it, the heart will permanently leave a mark on the finger and even without the ring, the heart will always be a symbol of eternal love. - Tumblr

This gorgeous card was printed by hand on a vintage platen letterpress. - LuckyBeePress

Need to tell more than one person how special they are? This lovely set comes with 5 cards! - QuillandFox

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